Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend movie: Prince of Persia

One could easily drag me into the cinema, especially when movies with stunning visuals are showing. So it was not hard for my geek of a husband to get me into watching Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. First of all, it was made by the same people behind Pirates of the Caribbean and second, I knew that it was going to be a movie that has less talk and more action. Great for weekend watching.

The movie was based on the game with the same title. Though, as my husband would point out, there were alterations here and there. The story revolves around Dastan, an orphaned boy plucked from the streets by the Persian king. From thereon, he lived as royalty alongside his two brothers and uncle. How was he as a prince? Let's just say, just like the usual -- the prodigal one. Anyway, so his eldest brother, heir to the throne, was made to believe that the holy city of Alamut was selling arms to the enemies under their noses. So they rushed in and ransacked the city. In the course of the siege, Dastan recovers an unusual-looking dagger and, at the success of their quest, meets the princess, Tamina.

Of course it's not all well. Complications arise when, during their victory party, the king dies and Dastan was accused of murder. Running away with Tamina, he embarks on a new journey of seeking the truth behind the dagger, the Sands of Time, and ultimately the identity of the real enemy.

That's as far as I can go. The rest of the story, you have to see for yourself.

Now, even if you haven't played the game, it's fine because, as I've said, the movie changed bits and pieces in different parts. If you have played the game, well you're in for a few surprises. But the essence of the game, particularly the fight scenes and the stunts, is still there.

(Fof the record, I refuse to play the game. I got lost since the first Prince of Persia game in the FamiCom. Got stuck as early as Stage 1.)

I like the way the movie recreated the golden days of Persia. The set and cinematography were really great. The character design of the Hassansins (and their weapons) were amazing. Somehow it reminded me of the Assasins in 300. I guess there was a group of hired killers back then and that they looked exactly like that. Should consult Google...

Acting-wise, Jake Gyllenhaal was pretty good as Dastan. Gemma Arterton, last seen in Clash of the Titans, looked like her previous character Io but with a Persian princess costume. Hubby and I though noticed Ben Kingsley never actually aged. And he's also somewhat stereotyped as a bad guy. From Gandhi to the bad guy, eh? But hey, he's always intense whatever role you give him, so kudos to him. But the best of the lot? Alfred Molina. Gosh, any where you put this man is magic. For me, even if he was the so-called comic relief of the movie, he was the one that I really liked.

I found the story pretty engaging. You'd never want to take your eyes away from the screen as the action unfolds. The movie isn't too heavy in words, too, so it's kinda easy to catch the flow of the story.

Would I recommend this movie? Absolutely yes. For sheer action and entertainment and a bit of humor on the side, it's a film to catch. And you don't have to be a geek to like it, too.


  1. hay! sad naman... baka maghihintay pa ako ng ilang weeks bago ipalabas ito dito sa Davao...

  2. talaga? how long pa kaya? if it's showing na dyan sa Davao, panoorin mo. cool movie. :)

  3. hi! just blog-hopping!

    we watched Prince of Persia last weekend and I enjoyed it too! It is definitely my kind of movie since it has action, romance, adventure and comedy!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it too!

    Do visit my blog too if you have time!

    Have a great day!