Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Proud to be imperfect

Summer. It's that time of the year when I usually would have to have a hard time finding a new swimwear for the yearly beach outing with friends. Malls and specialty shops would always have a host of 2-piece bikinis on the racks. I thought, it would have been great if I had a sexy figure.

But I don't. And to me that was always a problem.

Yeah, I tried dieting. But even before I could start, I would have eaten a cheeseburger complete with softdrinks and fries. And I'd say, I'll start tomorrow. But I never will.

I'm stuck with this body. That's what I keep telling myself then.

That's why when I read Team Carnival's new topic to be hosted by Mara, I could relate to the statement, "These Imperfections Make Me Beautiful." Because I realized I don't have to have a beautiful figure to be really perfect. I have to accept my body and embrace my imperfections. I have to deal with it, in a positive light. And by accepting myself as I am, I feel beautiful inside.

My friends accept me for being on the chubby side, too. Even my husband says that even I don't meet the standards of sexy physically, to him I am beautiful because of my outlook in life -- that everything has a reason, that we are given this body to make full use of it for us and for others.

I don't have to be dictated by media or by fashion on what is beautiful. As long as I know myself and acknowledge the imperfections I have, physical or something else, I believe that what makes me beautiful. And I don't need a 2-piece bikini for that affirmation.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo of the Day: Villar and Legarda

I guess I just found this photo from Yahoo's Purple Thumb quite amusing. There's another word I wanted to use to describe it, but I can't think of it right now...

What's he eating anyways? Guyabano?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My take on online shopping

For Team Carnival's topic of the week, host Lelila asks what is my take on online shopping.

To tell you honestly, I only had one experience in online shopping, if shopping at Bidshot, an online auction community, counts. That was years ago when I bought my now husband a Gundam model kit that I couldn't find at Toy Kingdom. The transaction was COD (cash on delivery). I met the seller at Megamall and that's it. All in all, it was pleasant, but of course during the online and text transactions, there was apprehension on my part primarily because it was my first time to shop using the Internet and I had to put trust on the seller that he will deliver.

I guess he also had apprehensions whether or not I would fulfill my commitment as a buyer. Good thing we both were honest people that the transaction went smoothly. I even gave him a good rating after that.

One of the things I learned from online shopping is that it is full of risks, on both seller and buyer. Before I bought the item, I checked on the seller's reviews and ratings from other people. From there I discerned that he can be trusted because he did not have any negative reviews.

Sellers also are concerned whether or not they are servicing bogus buyers. Some online shops such as those in Multiply always post about bogus buyers and that other sellers should be careful when dealing with them.

Of course another risk is about payments. Though I haven't bought anything online using a credit card, I know that some issues crop up about it like extra charges or not being recorded by the credit card company or payment not being received by the seller.

I guess another risk is the delivery itself. I remember when I used to work for an online lingerie retailer, one of the things that my boss was concerned about was delivery. Aside from living up to the promise of taking (x) number of days for delivery, we knew that customers wanted their items in good shape when it arrives. I recall some reviews about our items that have gotten misshapen due to handling. So it's important that the company hires a trusted logistics company to make sure that the items are shipped on time and at the best conditions.

While online shopping has its risks, there are also its conveniences. In the US, a lot of people turn to online shopping because they have no time to go to the mall and they only get to know of the product via the Internet. Moreover, most of the items sold on online stores are the ones you rarely see in physical stores or malls, or probably are less expensive than in department stores.

Online shopping can be easy just as it can be risky. So before buying stuff online, do your research not only on the product's price but also on the sellers integrity. Just do that and everything will be smooth sailing.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Clash of the Titans: not so bad but not so good, either

I know I kinda watched the film pretty late. Blame it on a very tight schedule, which also included transferring from a rented apartment back to my parents' house. But I digress...

My husband and I decided to watch Clash of the Titans in Greenhills Promenade's 3D cinema, mainly because 1) we haven't watched any 3D movie yet (the husband would always remind us how we missed watching Avatar on 3D); and 2) it was a (supposed) remake of a movie that was part of both our childhood.

And so we spent 2 hours of our weekend watching Sam Worthington as demi-god Perseus engage in a grudge match with the Greek gods, particularly Hades (Ralph Fiennes), while at the same time rescue Andromeda (Alexa Davalos), princess of Argos, from being eaten by the Kraken.

So what are my realizations after watching the film?

For one, it was not a complete adaptation of the 1981 version. There are a lot of what I would call "inconsistencies" between the two movies. I would sometimes interject with things from the original movie that I noticed were missing. Plus, I never knew that the word "bitch" was already used during that time.

Second, well, just like the first one, it wasn't really the clash of the "titans," if you take the meaning of the name seriously. If you're into Greek mythology, then you would agree. I think Edith Hamilton will. Hehe! But well, the story of the movie (and even the original one) isn't really based on the mythology itself, if you read Perseus' real origins...

Third, if you plan on watching it on full 3D, I suggest you don't. You can enjoy it similarly without the high-tech, imported 3D glasses -- you really won't miss on anything. Except for the free popcorn and drink. To be honest, the trailers were more enjoyable (especially that of Toy Story 3).

With the above reasons, it's suffice to say that Clash of the Titans isn't that good, but it's not that bad, either. It just isn't one movie that you would talk about weeks after you've watched it. Heck, it's almost forgettable. If you're a high schooler or elementary student seeking a film that would introduce you to Greek mythology, this is not it, I promise you. But if you're in just for the entertainment and eye candy (and if you have a humongous crush on Sam Worthington or Gemma Arterton) then I guess there's still time to catch it in the local cinemas.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Team Carnival asks: what's your nail care ritual?

Just joined a blog called Team Carnival which had an interesting concept that not just promotes your site and gain backlinks but also lets other bloggers know the person behind the blog. Basically, there's a topic every week that members of this blog carnival would post about in their own blogs. The host for the week will then collate all these entries and put them (and their links) in the host blog. All members are encouraged to be a host for any given week, and they could also tell what topic to post about.

If you're an active blogger and would like to get your blog known to the world, Team Carnival is the place to be.

Anyways, for this week, host Shoutingwind tells us to tell others about nail care. Er, yeah. So let me just say: I do not have any nail care ritual other than cutting them with a nail cutter every week. Yeah. I don't put anything on it, no nail polish whatsoever, except during my wedding when I had to had a manicure and pedicure (and that was the first time I had a manicure and pedicure). After that, back to the beloved nail cutter.

Which reminds me, I have to buy a nipper...

Other than that, I guess one of the ways I protect my nails (and hands altogether) is wearing gloves when washing the dishes or doing the laundry. The detergent makes nails brittle and more prone to breaking and splitting (makes your hands dry, too). I think drinking water and milk helps strengthening them (mom said nails are part of the bones, though I'm not so sure). And to make sure they don't break, I wear them short. Always.

Believe me, I'd be the last person to tell you what to do with your nails. But I still believe that caring for your nails is important because it's part of your body. And you have to take care of your body and keep it healthy because in the end, that's the most vital treasure you have.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Chris Evans is Captain America (but isn't he...?)

Marvel has made it official: Chris Evans will portray Captain America in its live action movie version. Mr. Evans now plays two characters in the Marvel world, the first being Johnny Storm, a.k.a. Human Torch, in The Fantastic Four.

Here is where I wonder: isn't there any other blonde guy fit to be Steve Rogers? If they were going to do a live action of Civil War, who will he portray?

And here's another interesting bit: he's also doing another role in the rival universe -- as Jensen in the DC Vertigo graphic novel The Losers. Check out the movie poster wholly based on the original comic cover:

The only thing different is where Zoe Saldana is standing. But it still looks cool.

Which reminds me, I have to start reading Kick Ass, too...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LinkReferral: Helping you get more traffic for your site

I'm one of those who earn passive income from blogging. In fact, I've got two blogs from which I am earning a few cents. Yes, just a few cents for now. And in order to make those cents to dollars, I am finding ways to increase traffic to my sites.

Some of the things I'm doing are spreading my links to other sites, responding to posts of other bloggers, and also submitting to directories. But there's also one way to get more people to visit your site: through LinkReferral.

I learned about this from the blogs I've been reading in the past. I wanted to increase traffic to my site, so I said that there was no harm in trying. It's free anyway.

After signing up, I learned that there's more to registering my blogs in LinkReferral. There are things I should also do to increase the ranking credit of my site. Like the usual bloghopping I do, I learned I should give some of the sites in the program a visit. It also helps to increase ranking if I review some of the sites there. There are loads of sites with different topics, so I'm not running out of blogs and sites to explore.

You can also earn from LinkReferral if you upgrade to their paid subscription. All you need to do is refer people to the program. So aside from increasing your ranking and getting more and more visitors, you can earn from site owners who join under you. I still don't have the money to upgrade to a paid subscription... maybe next time. Hehehe!

brings a lot of benefits to your site. If you need to increase your traffic, LinkReferral is one of the musts for your blog or website. Join today!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Discovering Chillz Cookies and Cream

Before I go into the main topic, I'd just want to share my surprise that this blog now has a PageRank of 2 from 1. I had to change the PR Checker widget at the sidebar because it doesn't automatically update.

My other blogs, Inspired Weddings and Hits and Mrs. remain at PR2. But it's not really a big concern for me.


Anyways, one can feel it's really summer here in Manila. Everyday, I have to endure walking a couple hundred meters from the main highway where I get off to my place of work. And everyday, I'd always feel very exhausted and wanting for something to chill me up.

Mini Stop, a 24-hour convenience store that sprouts anywhere like a mushroom, is just beside the office building -- a pretty convenient place to find inexpensive coolers. Today, instead of getting the usual coffee-flavored Chillz, I got their latest variant, cookies and cream:

Forgive my webcam. It ain't that high-tech. Either that or it's the lack of light that made it look orange-y.

Anyways, it's priced the same as any Chillz variant. Thing is, instead of just pouring it into the cup and sip it with a straw, there's an added procedure before you can enjoy the Chillz cookies and cream: put the ground cookies first, then pour and sip. Yes, the cookie crumbs come in a separate plastic and it's up to you how you want to mix it. I'd advise to pour 1/3 of the "cream" first before sprinkling half of the cookies in it, then pour another part of "cream" then cookies then "cream." That way the cookies won't settle at the bottom part of the cup like the one in the photo.

As for the taste, it's a bit too sweet for me. Maybe I'm just used to the coffee Chillz. But it's worth a try. If you want to taste something different from Mini Stop, I'd suggest grabbing the cookies and cream Chillz. It's a pretty satisfying cooler for this hot, hot season.