Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Joining Lockerz

About a month ago, I received an email from someone who found my email here at Blogger. The sender offered an invite to Lockerz, a site that enables members to earn points and redeem prizes. I did not reply to the person who sent the email because I thought it was a scam or something.

A few weeks after, I researched Lockerz on the Net. I found out that there have been a lot of members since its beta phase in late 2009 and the number of those joining is increasing. I also found out that there have, indeed, been people who have redeemed items like iPods and gaming consoles, even those here in the Philippines. And I thought of joining.

So what is Lockerz? According to the site's FAQ, it's an invitation-only community site that rewards people for just doing a few things. You can earn 2 PTZ, the Lockerz monetary system, just by logging in, answering dailies, watching videos, and inviting members. It's a paid-to-do-something site that gives you certain rewards, instead of cash, for just being there.

Is it a scam? So far, it isn't. After some research, I found out that its CEO, Kathy Savitt, used to be the VP for Amazon.com and was also the CMO of American Eagle. The site's major financial contributor is Liberty Media, a company which owns a major share of Time Warner. Based on this information, I could say this site is pretty legit.

So what can you expect from Lockerz? Here's a screenshot of some of their pages:

This is the page that greets you upon typing in their website on your browser. If you notice, you can actually register directly through the site. That's what I did. But after much reading about Lockerz reviews, I think it's better to get an invitation from a present member. People who get invited first gets to play a game that earns them bonus PTZ. So instead of starting with 0 PTZ, you can get more than 2 PTZ when you register after playing the game. So best to ask a member for Lockerz invitation.

After logging in, you get to the My Locker page.

See the LOGIN PTZ on the lower left? Remember to click that to earn your first 2 PTZ for the day. Also don't forget to join the Dailies, which also earns you 2 PTZ when you answer the question of the day.

You can also answer the Dailies posted on the previous days that you failed to visit, but that won't earn you points. So better answer everyday to earn daily PTZ.

Another way to earn is watching videos.

Remember, though, that you have to click the PLAY icon on the top part of the screen so you can earn as you watch. Watching the videos in My Locker page does not earn you PTZ.

There are lots to choose from: music videos, movie trailers, original series. There are some videos, though, that are not available in some countries, including the Philippines.

There's like a timer at the bottom, which tells you when you'll earn. After watching, there's a Captcha that you must enter to earn another 2 PTZ. You can watch them again, but you only earn the first time you watch a video.

Another way to earn PTZ is through inviting friends. Technically, this is the referral program part of the site. I've invited a couple of friends, but they haven't responded yet (tsk). If 20 members have accepted your invitation, you'll be part of the site's Z-List that allows you to get Lockerz exclusives and also enjoy double points -- that's 4 PTZ for each task.

You can accumulate your PTZ and exchange them for prizes.

They have loads of gadgets, like iPods, Macbooks, Xbox, and PS3s. They also give out Paypal denominations and exclusive shirts. But mind you, you just can't redeem at any time. They have scheduled days for redemption, and they only announce the day of redemption a few days before. So you have to watch out for it. Also, since they're a young company, there are only a limited number per item, so you have to be one of the first to redeem, or wait for the next redemption.

I only have over 100 PTZ, but I'm in no rush. So far, I'm having fun, I only need a few minutes of my time for this. If you want to join in the fun, leave a reply or contact me through my email (it's in the sidebar) so I could give you Lockerz invites for free!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Break into... dance

An entertaining ad from Saatchi and Saatchi and T-Mobile entitled, "Life is Sharing."

Weekend events: Avenue Q and Pacquiao-Clottey Bout

Hmm, it's been a while since I last posted. My apologies, I've been very busy, not to mention that I didn't have a Net connection during the weekend -- which meant I failed to post the Iron Man 2 Toy Launch by Toy Kingdom and the Nescafe event at Trinoma that I went to the other Sunday.

But at least I get to post about two events that marked my weekend. First up, Avenue Q!

^Got that photo from their website.

Anyways, I've heard of their songs before, that's why when I learned Avenue Q was having another run in Manila, I really wanted to see it. Good thing my hubby scored tickets for us for last Friday's show and we were on our way to a rollicking musical night.

It's a story of Princeton, a new graduate in search for a place to rent. He lands on Avenue Q (because the rent meets his budget) and meets a motley crew of puppets and people: Kate Monster, a pre-school teaching assistant; partners Brian and Christmas Eve; roomies Rob and Nicky; Trekkie Monster, the porn addict; and former child star Gary Coleman, who now works as the building superintendent of Avenue Q. The plot is quite irreverent, think Sesame Street on drugs. But it's basically a tale of finding love, purpose, fulfillment, and contentment, only told in a quirky kind of way.

Hats off to the cast, especially to Rachel Alejandro, Felix Rivera, and Joel Trinidad doing double (even triple) characters. Rachel Alejandro was really great especially during dialogues between Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut (which she both voiced). Avenue Q also affirmed my admiration for Frenchie Dy -- I so love her singing! And I must note that it kinda was funny for me getting Aiza Seguerra, a former child star, doing the role of a former child actor. But boy, did she do it well.


Last Sunday was Manny's big day. Pacquiao, I mean.

But I must say, the hype was, well, just hype.

Entitled, "The Event," the Pacquiao-Clottey fight lacked exactly that -- an event. A big event that would make me cold and nervous and ecstatic at the same time. Made me realize that missing a few rounds (coz I had to tend to the baby) was okay.

Must admit, though, that one of the highlights would probably be this:

Pacquiao, maybe out of sheer frustration, because Clottey's fists were always on his face, made an FPJ move -- which earned him a warning, of course.

But if you're a certified Pinoy, you'd just have to laugh.

Still, congratulations are in order. Once again, Manny Pacquiao, you have made your countrymen proud. And you have done a great job in creating order in the Philippines, even for just a few hours.

And now, I will wait for NHI's verdict on Arnel Pineda's singing of the National Anthem...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I removed the Paid-to-Promote code on my other blog

I must admit, Paid-to-Promote paid me a couple of times. In about three month, I've been paid around $2 for posting their code, the one with the "i frame" on it.

But then I decided to remove the code on my other blog.

If I was indeed earning, why the move? It's because I read a comment in another blog that the above code would redirect my visitors from the US, UK, Australia, etc. to advertisement sites when they visit my blog. So it meant that they would fail to read the content especially targeted for them. On my Inspired Weddings blog, I get a lot of traffic from the US and some European countries. And the code would prohibit them from looking at the post they wanted to read.

I also noticed a significant decrease in my Adsense earnings during the time I posted the Paid-to-Promote code. I guess the redirect did that. When I removed the code, I noticed my Adsense earnings were increasing day by day.

Don't get me wrong, though. Paid-to-Promote really pays instantly twice a month. You get the earnings immediately on your Paypal. That's what I liked about it on the onset. Thing is, you risk losing traffic from the countries I just mentioned because the code redirects them to an advertiser page. So before any of my visitors complain about it, I removed them already. It's a decision that I believe will benefit me and my readers.

I'm still retaining the referral code here and on the other blog. I also haven't removed the "i frame" code on this blog. Maybe it will still help in adding up to my online earnings (hopefully).

There are always pros and cons to consider when doing online earning opportunities. You just have to see which one works for your benefit. If you want to try Paid-to-Promote, just click on this banner.
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