Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogger's new feature: Design

For the old bloggers on Blogger (ain't that redundant, haha!), we were used to choosing prepared layouts offered on the site or from external sources for pretty templates. I guess Blogger felt that a lot of bloggers are looking for templates that can easily be customized (and it's not just about moving widgets or putting personalized headers) to match the themes of their blog.

And so they made a solution that makes it easier for us to pick lovely templates and be able to customize them at whim.

Enter the Design function of Blogger.

You'll easily find this on your dashboard. Actually, I saw mine I think a week ago, but didn't get to explore it until yesterday. Why? I thought that it was just a so-so feature, a minor add on. A simplified form of the "Layout" feature. Boy, I was wrong.

Clicking through the Design link will take you to the page where you can add/edit your widgets.

On the upper left, you will see the Template Designer button. Now clicking through will open a door to a really really great feature.

From here, you can choose from 5 different templates that have at least 3 designs each. So in 1 template, there are loads of designs to choose from. The templates come in 2- or 3-columns and the looks are all too pretty.

But wait, there's more.

After choosing a template, try clicking the Background tab on the left. And voila! Loads of backgrounds to choose from! They are categorized according to themes, and with that number, there's surely a background that fits the theme of your blog.

Personalization at its best. Now this is another reason why more bloggers will choose Blogger as their free blog host. Kudos to Blogger for coming up with this development.

Now I'm sooooo tempted to change my blogs' templates. Itching, itching...

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