Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boy Abunda as Tourism Secretary?

Well, that's what president-apparent Noynoy Aquino would want. He says that Mr. Abunda's marketing and communication skills would be useful in that position.

Here are news reports from GMA's website and ABS-CBN's website, respectively.

Qualifications? Schooled in Ateneo de Manila, later on took up studies in international relations. Presently manager of a pool of actors and also a talk show host.

Okay, so he may be eloquent and everything, but isn't there any one better? Ace Durano's doing a great job. Richard Gordon did a very great job back then.

And Boy Abunda's a friend of the family. And one of those who worked on Noynoy's campaign.

This sounds like Noynoy's going to do everyone he owes his victory to a big favor -- of putting them in government positions.

Smells like Kamag-anak, Inc. to me.

Repeat performance, anyone?


  1. repeat performance - i hope not but bigger part of me thinks so...

  2. I heard that Boy Abunda declined the offer. I would do the same, too. I wouldn't leave SNN for this, haha!

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  4. @thedreamer: my thoughts, exactly.

    @mclaren: yeah, compared to what he's earning as a media personality, this is just going to give him pennies. :P

  5. yeah, smells like kamag-anak, inc. heheheh! that's what i've been afraid of...i've read somewhere in the internet that the greatest challenge that noynoy could have as president is holding off the "elites" of having most of the businesses in the country, coz there's a possibility that yung mga mayayaman na businessmen na mga kamag-anak nila ay lalong mas yayaman dahil siya ang presidente, so, those in the middle to lower class who'd want to build business may have lesser chance to do so. tsk. tsk.tsk. sana hindi ganun ang mangyayari..