Friday, June 18, 2010

Team Carnival and Father's Day

This week, Team Carnival is giving a salute to dads via this week's theme, Lessons From My Father.

So in my 30 years of existence, what has my dad taught me? I guess there are many, but there are just some that really has been ingrained in my system.

1. My dad taught me to be a morning person. As in wake up as the sun rises and sleep in the evening. Yes, that actually means I'm not going to be qualified in any call center here in the Philippines. Despite the seemingly superficial lesson, my dad taught me to start the day early to get things done way before the deadline. You know, "the early bird catches the first worm." This kind of attitude of his taught me to always be on the lead on things, whether it's arriving 10 minutes before an interview or just grabbing new opportunities that come my way. I am proud to say that I get to accomplish my things on time (even earlier) because of this habit. That's why I'm blogging right now.

2. My dad taught me to appreciate food. One of the things he told me way back during my college days was that if I chose to, I could scrimp on everything except what I eat. No matter if it's expensive; if you want it, go eat it. He said that the worst thing a man could be is hungry. Because when he is hungry, he will not have the capacity to think and act. To fill the head, you need to fill the stomach first. He's right -- I can't function well at work when I'm hungry. And because of hunger, I can't accomplish anything. So my love for food is all due to him.

3. In relation to the last lesson, my dad taught me to be content with what he gives us. Years back, I could say we were pretty well off. But my dad rarely gave me luxuries and wants (he did provide the needs very very well). Well, only during Christmas, when he'd ask us to write to "Santa Claus" (yeah, right!). I guess with that kind of upbringing, in a way he taught me not to be too materialistic, to be brand-conscious. Never mind if the shirt I'm wearing today is from the ukay-ukay.

4. My dad taught me to face the world with a straight face. We had our share of financial troubles, and at one point he lost his job. And that was when all 4 of us siblings were still studying, with the eldest in high school. I knew he was on the verge of depression, but he never showed us that he was weak. He never cried in front of us. Nevertheless, we pulled through that ordeal and somehow I think our lives have been better than before. Nowadays when there are challenges in life that I face, I think of how my dad faced his troubles and survived them.

5. My dad taught me to always have pulutan on the side when drinking beer. I guess there is no hidden wisdom in this lesson, only that the fat from the pulutan is a good equalizer to the alcohol. Prevents the alcohol from going to your head. Works for me.

My dad's already 62, but I'm sure I'd still be learning new lessons from him. Right now all I can say to him is thank you and I'm glad to have him as my dad.


  1. Nice entry! :D

    I think your dad wants to imply that beer time is about enjoyment and letting go of inhibitions. I'm a fan of fathers who encourage their kids to live their life and find time for merriment. Or am I just a biased drinker? Hahaha!

    Happy Father's Day to your dad. ;)

  2. thanks for visiting! maybe he just wanted to tell me not to get drunk before the others do. :P