Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charice on Glee: No rumor anymore

The first time we heard about this news, even Charice Pempengco dismissed it as a hoax.

The news comes once more and... now it's true.

Our very own Charice has confirmed in her Twitter account that she is set to appear on the next season of Glee. From what I can understand from her series of Tweets, it seemed that after the first time the rumor spread, she tried to audition for a part and eventually landed on one. Hmm, maybe she'd be one of the new recruits for New Directions?

She's a great singer, we all know that. But acting-wise, it's yet to be seen and proven.

Okay, now I'm waiting for this news to be disspelled. Sorry, involuntary action.

But really, I just hope it's not another hoax.

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