Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The new administration

No more "presumptive" or "-elect" or "-apparent" attached to their positions. Today, Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay will be proclaimed the country's president and vice president, respectively.

Many rejoice in the success of the elections. Some (mostly the losers) will scream the words "cheating" and "dishonest elections" for the next few months or so.

You know, rather than sourgraping, why don't they just shut up? At least leave a bit of dignity.

No, I'm not a supporter of the Noy-Bi tandem. I did not vote for them. But the elections is over, and what we should do is move forward.

On another note, I'd be honest to say that I don't like the barongs Aquino is choosing to wear on his proclamation:

The one he is keen on choosing is the one on his right, the one with the ribbon. The other barong has the map of the Philippines on the left chest part (can't be seen from this photo).

It looks too plain. I dunno. It could be better. Designer Puey Quinones' design for his inauguration looks better.

Oh well, if that's his preference, so be it.


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  2. thanks for the info. i thought chismis lang binay won.

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