Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Proud to be imperfect

Summer. It's that time of the year when I usually would have to have a hard time finding a new swimwear for the yearly beach outing with friends. Malls and specialty shops would always have a host of 2-piece bikinis on the racks. I thought, it would have been great if I had a sexy figure.

But I don't. And to me that was always a problem.

Yeah, I tried dieting. But even before I could start, I would have eaten a cheeseburger complete with softdrinks and fries. And I'd say, I'll start tomorrow. But I never will.

I'm stuck with this body. That's what I keep telling myself then.

That's why when I read Team Carnival's new topic to be hosted by Mara, I could relate to the statement, "These Imperfections Make Me Beautiful." Because I realized I don't have to have a beautiful figure to be really perfect. I have to accept my body and embrace my imperfections. I have to deal with it, in a positive light. And by accepting myself as I am, I feel beautiful inside.

My friends accept me for being on the chubby side, too. Even my husband says that even I don't meet the standards of sexy physically, to him I am beautiful because of my outlook in life -- that everything has a reason, that we are given this body to make full use of it for us and for others.

I don't have to be dictated by media or by fashion on what is beautiful. As long as I know myself and acknowledge the imperfections I have, physical or something else, I believe that what makes me beautiful. And I don't need a 2-piece bikini for that affirmation.

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