Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Discovering Chillz Cookies and Cream

Before I go into the main topic, I'd just want to share my surprise that this blog now has a PageRank of 2 from 1. I had to change the PR Checker widget at the sidebar because it doesn't automatically update.

My other blogs, Inspired Weddings and Hits and Mrs. remain at PR2. But it's not really a big concern for me.


Anyways, one can feel it's really summer here in Manila. Everyday, I have to endure walking a couple hundred meters from the main highway where I get off to my place of work. And everyday, I'd always feel very exhausted and wanting for something to chill me up.

Mini Stop, a 24-hour convenience store that sprouts anywhere like a mushroom, is just beside the office building -- a pretty convenient place to find inexpensive coolers. Today, instead of getting the usual coffee-flavored Chillz, I got their latest variant, cookies and cream:

Forgive my webcam. It ain't that high-tech. Either that or it's the lack of light that made it look orange-y.

Anyways, it's priced the same as any Chillz variant. Thing is, instead of just pouring it into the cup and sip it with a straw, there's an added procedure before you can enjoy the Chillz cookies and cream: put the ground cookies first, then pour and sip. Yes, the cookie crumbs come in a separate plastic and it's up to you how you want to mix it. I'd advise to pour 1/3 of the "cream" first before sprinkling half of the cookies in it, then pour another part of "cream" then cookies then "cream." That way the cookies won't settle at the bottom part of the cup like the one in the photo.

As for the taste, it's a bit too sweet for me. Maybe I'm just used to the coffee Chillz. But it's worth a try. If you want to taste something different from Mini Stop, I'd suggest grabbing the cookies and cream Chillz. It's a pretty satisfying cooler for this hot, hot season.

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