Monday, April 19, 2010

Clash of the Titans: not so bad but not so good, either

I know I kinda watched the film pretty late. Blame it on a very tight schedule, which also included transferring from a rented apartment back to my parents' house. But I digress...

My husband and I decided to watch Clash of the Titans in Greenhills Promenade's 3D cinema, mainly because 1) we haven't watched any 3D movie yet (the husband would always remind us how we missed watching Avatar on 3D); and 2) it was a (supposed) remake of a movie that was part of both our childhood.

And so we spent 2 hours of our weekend watching Sam Worthington as demi-god Perseus engage in a grudge match with the Greek gods, particularly Hades (Ralph Fiennes), while at the same time rescue Andromeda (Alexa Davalos), princess of Argos, from being eaten by the Kraken.

So what are my realizations after watching the film?

For one, it was not a complete adaptation of the 1981 version. There are a lot of what I would call "inconsistencies" between the two movies. I would sometimes interject with things from the original movie that I noticed were missing. Plus, I never knew that the word "bitch" was already used during that time.

Second, well, just like the first one, it wasn't really the clash of the "titans," if you take the meaning of the name seriously. If you're into Greek mythology, then you would agree. I think Edith Hamilton will. Hehe! But well, the story of the movie (and even the original one) isn't really based on the mythology itself, if you read Perseus' real origins...

Third, if you plan on watching it on full 3D, I suggest you don't. You can enjoy it similarly without the high-tech, imported 3D glasses -- you really won't miss on anything. Except for the free popcorn and drink. To be honest, the trailers were more enjoyable (especially that of Toy Story 3).

With the above reasons, it's suffice to say that Clash of the Titans isn't that good, but it's not that bad, either. It just isn't one movie that you would talk about weeks after you've watched it. Heck, it's almost forgettable. If you're a high schooler or elementary student seeking a film that would introduce you to Greek mythology, this is not it, I promise you. But if you're in just for the entertainment and eye candy (and if you have a humongous crush on Sam Worthington or Gemma Arterton) then I guess there's still time to catch it in the local cinemas.

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