Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LinkReferral: Helping you get more traffic for your site

I'm one of those who earn passive income from blogging. In fact, I've got two blogs from which I am earning a few cents. Yes, just a few cents for now. And in order to make those cents to dollars, I am finding ways to increase traffic to my sites.

Some of the things I'm doing are spreading my links to other sites, responding to posts of other bloggers, and also submitting to directories. But there's also one way to get more people to visit your site: through LinkReferral.

I learned about this from the blogs I've been reading in the past. I wanted to increase traffic to my site, so I said that there was no harm in trying. It's free anyway.

After signing up, I learned that there's more to registering my blogs in LinkReferral. There are things I should also do to increase the ranking credit of my site. Like the usual bloghopping I do, I learned I should give some of the sites in the program a visit. It also helps to increase ranking if I review some of the sites there. There are loads of sites with different topics, so I'm not running out of blogs and sites to explore.

You can also earn from LinkReferral if you upgrade to their paid subscription. All you need to do is refer people to the program. So aside from increasing your ranking and getting more and more visitors, you can earn from site owners who join under you. I still don't have the money to upgrade to a paid subscription... maybe next time. Hehehe!

brings a lot of benefits to your site. If you need to increase your traffic, LinkReferral is one of the musts for your blog or website. Join today!


  1. I've been a member of linkreferral and honestly, I don't know how it works. LOL
    thanks for the information!

  2. i've also been a member for quite a while, but i didn't get to check out the other websites there. i guess it helps to write reviews on other sites so they could also visit yours. :)