Sunday, May 16, 2010

Team Carnival asks: my view on rivalries

Yeah, I'm at the homestretch with this one, hopefully I'm not late yet.

Anyways, for this week's carnival topic, Team Carnival asks bloggers the pros and cons of rivalries.

I've never been in any rivalry except probably against schools. When I was younger, though, I thought that I was always in competition with my sister, the achiever, the better one academically. But you know what, the competition was just in my head. And I realized that once I stepped in college, when we enrolled in different courses.

Looking back, I guess thinking about that made me become a better student. Though I knew I could never beat her when it came to our grades (consistent honor student and dean's lister, graduated cum laude in college), it became my drive to study harder so that my parents will also be proud of me. While the only award I got throughout my student days was a loyalty award, it was okay because I knew I did and gave my best.

I guess rivalries have its pros and cons that it brings out the best in each person or team in order for them to succeed or win over the other. Of course, there are its downsides, especially when rivalries turn fanatic. Sometimes people's minds get too clouded and things get dirty.

In my opinion, rivalries are there to make us work hard in order to achieve our goal. Rivalries bring that passion and drive in each one of us. We should remember, though, that when the competition turns fierce, we should still play it clean. Nothing is sweeter than a victory achieved fair and square, right?

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