Monday, May 10, 2010

Carnival Week 5 roundup: Earning online -- bread and butter or passive income generator?

Last week, I asked Team Carnival members on their insights on earning online. Is it their main source of income or just something to support your day job?

Personally, it was only a few months ago where I saw the potential of earning online. When my company was affected by the recession since last year, I tried looking for ways to augment my earnings. I've been a blogger for quite sometime, but it was only January of last year when I saw that I can earn through blogs. Since then, I've reached $41 in my Adsense.

I also got involved in paid to post for a few months and earned some $30 already. I stopped though because I felt that I should not compromise my day job for it. So for now, earning online through ads is just my way to support my actual income. If you want to learn about the online programs I've enrolled in, you can check out the badges on top and on the side of this blog.

Other carnival members have also shared their views and experiences in earning online.

Mindy has been writing for about 5 years now and is also earning passive income from her blogs.

Shoutingwind is happy to have earned $15 on her blog.

Pinay and Money is happy with the earnings she gets from her online store on top of her main source of income which is her day job.

And Abstract Things hopes that her blog will soon reach its maximum earning potential and even shares one site that pays to write in blogs.

Thanks to all who participated in this week's carnival. For those who want to be part of this weekly roundup or even host a topic, please join Team Carnival. It'll be fun!

NB: Hope you have practiced your right to vote today. There's a saying, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Let's all do our share for a good, rather better, Philippines.

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