Friday, May 21, 2010

Full of Glee

I first saw the promo poster for the pilot of Glee along EDSA months ago. I thought it was just another usual light-hearted American series so I just didn't mind it. But when it won for Best Musical or Comedy Series in the last Golden Globe Awards, it made me wonder -- this show must be good.

After watching a few episodes (thanks to a colleague downloading them) and watching the reruns over at Star World, I must say Glee is one of the best series I've watched in my life. Okay, so it may be something like High School Musical, only that the story revolves around an Ohio school's glee club that's made up of so-called losers and mentored by a teacher who's formerly a glee club member himself. Add a nemesis in the form of the Cheerios cheering squad coach, some cheerleaders and football players, and other faculty on the side and you get one heck of a cast. And oh, they sing at least 3 songs in an episode, ranging from Broadway to Top 40, depicting a certain scene. Now isn't that interesting?

After airing the first 13 episodes, Glee is back with a vengeance. As of late, they've done a Madonna episode and in one of the future episodes they're doing songs by Lady Gaga (complete with Gaga-fied costumes). For this week (geez, I have to watch this), the episode entitled Dream On is directed by Buffy creator Joss Whedon and Neil Patrick Harris (for the early 90s peeps he's Doogie Howser, and for hard-core geeks he's Dr. Horrible) guest stars as Will Schuester's old enemy. NPH, aside from coach Sue Sylvester of course, gives me a reason to want to watch the episode now. And also this one:

Yeah, a Jollibee store was caught at the background during Artie's dream dance sequence. I thought it wasn't from the show, but reports have confirmed that the Jollibee store (in California, I believe) was caught on cam.

And one of the things I want to know is the identity of Rachel's biological mother. I believe the people behind Glee have heeded the fans' clamor. Clue: Idina Menzel. I think I'm right about this one (I sure hope so!).

My week isn't complete without Glee. Try watching it and you'll instantly become a fan like me. :)

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