Sunday, December 27, 2009

Villar's "Naging Mahirap" ad: Really now?

For your reference, here's the full ad. Listen to the lyrics:

A few things I just noticed:

1. Villar harps too much on his "mahirap" angle. I like the "sipag and tiyaga" slant more. This ad is the complete opposite of his first slogan.

2. People will take this literally. If you say you will take them out of poverty, they will take your word for it. And when you don't, they'll hate you. Remember the Bible story about giving man fish and teaching him how to fish? The ad seems to lean on the former. And that is not good.

Truth is, no one will pull you out of your misery except yourself. You have to work for it and not let anyone do it for you.

While I don't dislike Manny Villar, his ad is an epic fail.

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