Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MMFF tripping: Ang Panday

It's actually a tradition for hubby and me to watch at least one movie included in the Metro Manila Film Festival. For this year, we chose to watch Ang Panday starring Bong Revilla.

(We noticed that for the past Film Fests, we watch either a Bong Revilla or Vic Sotto starrer. We would've watched Wapakman, but because of a very negative feedback, we chose to skip it.)

As we all know, the movie is based on the creation of Carlo J. Caparas and was portrayed by the King, Fernando Poe, Jr. It tells the story of Flavio, a blacksmith in a folklore universe of the Philippines, and his destiny to fight the big bad of all mankind, Lizardo. Throw in a love interest named Maria and you have a formula for a cheesy flick set in a parallel world.

Okay, so here's the rundown of my comments:

1. It's got a cheesy story, as expected, with cheesy lines. But it can't be helped...

2. Graphically, it's nice. Kudos to Riot Inc. for doing a good job. Not very much comparable to Hollywood, but we're slowly getting there (time and budget are what the industry needs).

3. Musical score was good. Can't say the same about the Pupil-penned theme, though.

4. Unnecessary scenes and characters were included in the movie. I don't know why directors bother to do so.

5. No product placement. Yipee!

6. Hubby kept ranting about the "little details." To put it simply, we were wondering why Bong Revilla was kept ridiculously clean throughout the movie.

7. Philip Salvador's character laughs a lot. It gets irritating at some point.

8. The movie had so many scenes and settings based from big Hollywood films. Look for inspirations from movies such as Lord of the Rings... and Thundercats. LOL!

All in all, I guess it was okay, if you're more for the formulaic movie plots. Well, it won as Best Picture for this year's filmfest, so you might want to check it out.

And for the record, Wapakman's gimmick (if it ever was a gimmick) became its downfall. Tsk.

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