Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This Season's Picky Taxi Drivers, part 1

It's not an unusual occurrence, but it happens a lot especially during the Christmas season: taxis refusing to accommodate passengers. They always have a lot of excuses on hand, the main one being "traffic."

I don't get why they would choose to let go of potential income and continue to waste precious gas by driving without a paying passenger in tow.

Don't they realize that people flagging them for a ride are interested in giving them income?

There are also those taxi drivers who would ask for a hefty price and wouldn't use the meter, just to see if people will fall into his ruse called overcharging.

I believe Manila's LTFRB are doing something about this. You can text the taxi's plate number and report if they turned you down or overcharged you. Sadly, I forgot to put the number on my phone.

So anyways, I'd like to list down the plate numbers of the taxis who refused to drive us from Makati (AIM) to Malate (behind Aristocrat Restaurant) last Friday, December 11 at about 5PM:

PVK 382
TYE 566 (Body name: TAI)
PXE 995

And though he did accommodate us, I would like to post the plate number of the taxi who charged us Php300 (did not use the meter) for the same route on that same day:

TXV 842

There you go. Have a safe trip this Yuletide season.

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