Monday, January 18, 2010

Starbucks' Honey Orange Mocha is YUM!

My officemate needed something to perk her up this Monday morning. So we went to Starbucks in Greenbelt to have our fill of early morning coffee. The store had two new flavors, the Honey Orange Latte and Honey Orange Mocha. Being a sucker for new tastes (except for some of the delicacies sold in Aji Ichiban), I tried out the latter.

What can I say, the Honey Orange Mocha is delicious! It's the trademark Starbucks sweet and dark mocha drink with a tinge of orange as aftertaste. It quickly reminded me of the Neapolitan chocolates, the orange-flavored one. Pretty nostalgic, huh? Nevertheless, I loved it.

Incidentally, I was also lucky to get a free tall drink the next time I visit Starbucks. I guess I was randomly picked by the cash register (eyng?) because the receipt I got told me to go to their website and answer their survey. Coolness... though I plan to give the free drink to my hubby.

And also, Starbucks has a promo where you can ask for an extra espresso shot or extra syrup for free during Mondays. Yep, that's only on Mondays, I think until the end of the month. So go and get a perk-up now!

NB: Thanks to my friend Mich for the photo. Ack, I really should have a camera with me always...

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