Friday, January 15, 2010

Paid-to-Promote update: Paid!

I must say, Paid-to-Promote really pays their members automatically. Just a while ago when I opened my email, I saw another Paypal alert from them. Here's another proof:

I would want the amount to reach $1, but hey, some 40 cents less of it is still okay. At least I'm earning.

If you want some passive income from your blog or website, join Paid-to-Promote. I'm now a believer. :)


  1. Wow... I am also a member of this site and not paid yet... hopefully I would reach the minimum payout soon.

  2. Hindi mu siya masyado maramdaman unless you got sites na mataas yung traffic. I suggest damihan mu na lng yung sites na lalagyan mu nitong code nila.