Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hindi daw siya "magnanakaw"

My family and I were having dinner when this ad of Noynoy Aquino's came into the TV screen:

Suddenly, my grandmother told us, "Hindi ko maintindihan. Hindi daw siya magnanakaw?"

To which we replied, "Opo."

"Bakit, who's calling him 'magnanakaw?'"

Tried to explain to her that the word was used as a verb, as in "nakaw" in the future tense. She still didn't get it. She thought someone was accusing Noynoy of being a thief.

Hmm, maybe they should've used another word. My hubby suggested he say, "Hindi na ako magsi-steal."

Might work.

NB: Notice the two picture frames on the background?


  1. hmm.. parang once ko pa lang nakita ang ad na yan ni Noynoy and yes, he said something about not stealing (again?).

    He is probably telling people that "its not his style to steal from the country's coffers" rather than "will not steal again". hehe


  2. hindi siya magnanakaw (thief) so hindi siya nagnakaw(stole), hindi nagnanakaw (stealing) at hindi rin siya magnanakaw(will steal). I hope that clears it up.

    But then again who know if siya ay magiging magnanakaw in the end.

    ei, care to exchange link?

  3. yeah, we understood what he wanted to say. it's just that my grandma, who's just visiting from Canada, didn't hear it right. :P

    @psoriasis: i care. este, yeah, i'm all for exchanging links with you. :D