Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jason Ivler, the artista: Who knew...?

I did a search on Jason Ivler on Google because I wanted to watch a video of his capture and the shootout that happened.

Then I found a Tweet that said he was an actor -- a small-time one -- during his younger days. Said he was part of the show TGIS whose character's name was, incidentally, Bullet. had a video featuring Ivler during his younger days and an interview with a shocked fellow TGIS actor, Polo Ravales. There's also another news vid about Ivler having an unreleased album and a music video, which I think was homemade... and is pretty much crap.

Wow, he could've been better. Wonder what happened along the way?


  1. i saw this in the news.. oh well, Ivler and his mom.. insane.. :|

  2. well... yeah, i kinda agree. i kinda dislike the mom as well. she's making all the wrong moves...