Thursday, August 26, 2010

Signing up for

I received an email yesterday, inviting me to sign up for a site called It's still in Beta, but they've been open for registration for bloggers who want to earn by reviewing products.

Registering is free and easy, you just have to provide some information like your name, email, blog URL, and the address where they'll be shipping the product to be reviewed. According to the site, Tomoson will send the products for free, though I think the shipping fee will be handled by the blogger/ reviewer.

On the site, you'll see a list of products that are ready for review. When you click on the hyperlink, you'll see the details of the product and the duration of the application for review. You can click on "Apply To Review Product" when you like to give your own opinions on it.

I've just registered but haven't chosen a product to review. The site needs a little more details on the FAQ (though they look legit because from their Facebook page, it says they're based in Minnesota). Well, I'll see in a few days if there are more updates for the site.

Till then, I encourage you to check out Tomoson. Who knows, this may be a great opportunity for us.

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