Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is this poaching?

A friend of mine shared this website about trophy hunting in the Philippines. It offers a safari package (at a very pricey amount, I must say) that allows people from all over the world to hunt for rare animal species in our country, including tamaraw and baboy damo.

Though hunting is a sport, I and some of my friends are a bit concerned -- some of their game are endangered species. And it's upsetting to see that this is still tolerated.

I'm no PETA member and I do eat meat, but seeing photos of dead forest buffaloes kinda made me sad. And what happens to them, will they be hung on their walls or be brought to a taxidermist then be exhibited -- then what? And if they ran out of buffaloes and wild pigs, what's next?

I'm not sure as to what extent their hunting expeditions go, but I hope that this is controlled and that these species won't be put into the extinct list very soon.

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