Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Free sites where you can download music

I like listening to music. And this interest has made me a fan of free streaming/listening sites where I can find music. I've encountered Napster, Kazaa, and Limewire, and they've all been good to me for the past couple of years.

Now I've made another discovery -- actually two -- that will once again satiate my fill of the latest music and some of the old ones that are now a bit hard to find.

First is It's a site where you can search, listen, and download songs. I happen to come across it just late last year while looking for an MP3 of a certain song that was going through my head. I'm a fan up to now. Most of the new music I'm hearing over the radio are there.

Looking at it, I don't think it's one site where just one person collated the songs there. When you try to search for a song, it gives you a list of sources that host that particular song. Upon clicking, you will be directed to a page where you can listen or download for free.

The other is, which is a site similar to BeeMP3. It's almost the same as the first, except probably for the colors and layout. Same thing: search, listen, download. I found this a while ago when I was looking for an 80s song that I couldn't find in BeeMP3. This one saved me from my last song syndrome.

I'm pretty sure these are just a few sites where you can stream songs for free. But people, be aware of your responsibility when using these sites: these are meant to be for private use and not for gaining profit. So if you want these sites to be up for a long time, don't use them for selling the songs you could get there. Use them for your own enjoyment and everyone will end up happy.

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