Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pride and Glory: Amanda of Survivor Philippines: Palau and the Pacquiao-Cotto Fight

I watch Survivor Philippines: Palau only if I can catch it or if not busy taking care of my baby. More or less, I have an idea who's outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted each other. So Amanda Colley van Cooll winning the title of Sole Survivor wasn't much of a surprise for me. She had a great strategy, lying low in the first challenges, making solid alliances (especially with another strong contender, Mika), and showcasing her strength in winning the individual immunities and reward challenges on the latter part of the game.

Justine Ferrer and Jef Gaitan are also deserving of their spots in the top three. Justine, the first to be voted off in this season, proved that she has the physical strength by outlasting all other castoffs and getting back in the merge. Jef, while being the weakest physically, used her weakness to her advantage and stuck with the stronger castaways. That's one way of using her smarts.

It's unfortunate I didn't catch the Reunion special last Sunday. Just had my fill of the recaps on the Survivor blog and another Survivor Philippines site, which gave me a good view on who voted for who and why.

Amanda deserves this. Hope to see more of her on TV. She'd make a great addition to Unang Hirit, in my opinion...


Last Sunday, my first thought was that Manny Pacquiao should win this fight because he's already landed on the cover of TIME Magazine. Filipino pride, dude, don't let me down.

And he didn't let me down. Pacquiao won via TKO against the reigning WBO welterweight champ, Miguel Cotto. At first, I thought the Pacman was going to have a hard time fighting Cotto, at some point he was just taking punches from him. But after seeing Cotto go down twice, our hopes went up.

It took 12 rounds before referee Bayless stopped the fight. Three cheers for the Filipino champ! Once again, he has proven that he is the pound for pound king in this generation.

Will Floyd Mayweather Jr fight him? I guess if his dad says so, hehe. And if that happens, it's going to be one heck of a fight.

But for now, I'll just wish to see Manny Pacquiao in person to have our copy of TIME Magazine signed.

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