Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My hangover on (500) Days of Summer

I must admit, weeks after I've watched (500) Days of Summer, I can still feel the rollercoaster of emotions the movie has brought me.

It's not the usual story of boy meets girl, because it's only the boy that falls in love and the girl doesn't. Tom, a writer for a greeting card company, meets Summer, the new assistant, and is instantly infatuated with her when he learned that she also likes The Smiths. Tom wants her to be his girlfriend, but Summer doesn't believe in romantic relationships. She explores the world of romance, though, with Tom, but tells him that she can't promise him anything. In short, she wants no strings attached -- something that Tom misunderstood, or refused to understand, while they were together, similar to his misunderstanding of the movie he watched as a kid, The Graduate. And that is why we see him in the first few minutes of the movie as a very broken and hurt man.

What I liked about this movie is how the story was presented. Despite the story not having a chronological order of events, I think it helped in giving the film more depth. I also liked the film's wit, especially from the character of Rachel, Tom's younger sister, who seemed to have a more mature outlook in life than her brother. The soundtrack is nice, too, and supports each scene perfectly.

(500) Days of Summer is a very honest take on love and relationships without being mushy or corny. It's very realistic, it's not hard to relate to either Tom or Summer. It could be a bit depressing to watch if you just came from a bad breakup, but just like Tom, you'll learn that there's life after Summer.

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