Monday, November 9, 2009

My online money-making experiences

Being a new mom and experiencing the repercussions of the economic crisis, I have since looked for ways to earn some extra bucks.Because I have some access to the Internet during my idle time at work, I chose to do some posting and reviewing online.

One of my first efforts was I remember signing up for it on 2007, but then didn't really get to be an active member. It was only late last year that I rediscovered it and tried posting topics and comments to it.

MyLot is like a forum but not in a forum-type format. Basically there are topics which you can respond to and topics you yourself could start. You earn by posting and commenting. I'm just not sure of how the earning scheme works, but for like 10 posts a day, I make about $0.15. So if you have more posts, the more you earn. You can get your payment through Paypal when you reach the minimum $10 payout. I've only earned less than $5 so I'm trying to post and comment during my spare time.

Another site I have gone to was It's more of a review site where you can read and post opinions of different products, from movies to cosmetics. I've earned around $30 with for writing there for a few months, but just last April they banned many users from Asia because of myriad instances of plagiarism. Even honest writers (like me and many other Filipinos) were affected. Last I know, was bought by

One of the sites I went to but stopped was It's a forum site where you can share tips on budgeting and how not to incur debt. They suspended the earnings program there as well.

I've also discovered, another posting site where you can post videos, presentations, and written reviews. I've only written eight articles, and the viewership is pretty few, unlike in So far, I only have $0.20 in my account.

Another paying program I've joined is You just have to paste the codes in the HTML of your site so that when someone goes to your site, you earn money. The only problem I have is actually pasting the codes on the HTML because there's always an error when I do. I think it has something to do with the incomplete command for the iframe. So for now, until I find a solution to it, I hope to earn from Paid-to-Promote's referral program.

I've also put Google Adsense in my blog for months now. Earnings in Google Adsense is crawling up for now. I just have to post more so that my blog gets indexed and people get to read it.

I'm also trying out, which also helps you earn when users click a Bidvertiser ad on your site.

Lastly, I recently discovered, where you can earn when someone clicks on the links you have on your site. It's pretty simple, you just generate a Linkbucks code using the original URL you want to point at. Instead of using the original URL for the text link, you use the Linkbucks-generated URL. When a reader clicks on that link, you earn some bucks.

Earning at Linkbucks is kinda slow, though, because it depends on the ad you use, the traffic your site generates and the location of those clicking the link. You earn more when you use the Intermission-type ad and if the clicker is from US, UK, Canada, and the like.

I'm sharing this to you so you can also have ideas where you can earn some bucks online. Though I must say that I'm still earning a few dollars, I know that when I put all my efforts in earning online, I'll have some extra moolah in my pocket, just enough to support my additional needs.

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