Friday, December 23, 2011

Pinkberry now in the Philippines

It's one of the more popular frozen yogurt stores in the US. And it's now in the Philippines.

Pinkberry is the newest frozen yogurt store to open in Philippine shores. It offers premium frozen yogurt made with non-fat yogurt and non-fat milk, creating a concoction that's delicious and refreshing.

Unlike other froyo stores, Pinkberry offers not one but 6 yogurt flavors: Original (sweet and tart), Pomegranate (bold and tangy), Green Tea (sweet and earthy), Mango (fruity and light), Watermelon (crisp and refreshing), and Chocolate (rich and indulgent). These can be eaten as is, on cups or on waffle cones, or customized with various toppings: fresh fruits, crunchy nuts, organic gummy bears, Belgian chocolate shavings, and more.

Aside from the usual froyo, Pinkberry also offers parfaits and smoothies. It's a different yet cool way to eat (or drink) your frozen yogurt.

Drop by Greenbelt 5 (along the restaurant row beside Mr. Jones) and grab a Pinkberry frozen yogurt today. And when you've become a fan, drop by their Facebook page or website to get the latest Pinkberry updates.

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