Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Galaxy SII: Take control with just your voice

Nowadays, cellphones are such essential parts of our lives that we take it anywhere with us. And even when doing something else, when our mobiles beep or ring, we take it upon ourselves to multitask and answer our phones while working, cooking, and even driving.

But we all know that's dangerous, right? Good thing the Samsung Galaxy SII lets you text or answer the phone hands-free.

The Samsung Galaxy SII handset
With its Say N Go Voice Solution, all you need to do is just double tap the home key and take charge by uttering just a few words. And you can even compose messages and notes and send them to the intended recipients by just saying, "SEND!" Easier than "Abracadabra," right?

To explain the feature further, click here to watch a video from Samsung's Facebook Page. To know more about the amazing things the Samsung Galaxy SII can do, visit Samsung's product page here.

Indeed, Samsung Galaxy SII gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Look Ma, no hands!"

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