Monday, August 1, 2011

Afterthoughts on Captain America: The First Avenger

The last movie before the big Avengers film, Captain America: The First Avenger had a lot of fans of the Marvel franchise in excitement, me included.

Unfortunately, it didn't hold a candle to Iron Man. I guess that was my peg.

Most of the scenes were from the 1940s, when a scrawny, forever-beat-up guy named Steve Rogers aimed to be enlisted in the US Army to fight during the Second World War. Because of his frame and a series of physical maladies (including asthma), he never got to join the force. It wasn't until a doctor, who saw his kind heart through his physical appearance, made a way for him to be a hero -- a superhero, that is.

After being given a superserum, his body changes, stamina and fighting skills and all, and he eventually becomes the poster boy of America's bravest during World War II. A battle against one of Hitler's right-hand men, the Red Skull, eventually leaves Captain America frozen for almost 7 decades in the Arctic. He is taken in by SHIELD agents led by Nick Fury, who is planning to assemble a group of superheroes to defend the modern world.

From a viewer who has little knowledge in the Marvel Universe other than Captain America is their biggest character, I found the movie okay but not as good as, say, Iron Man. There were cheesy moments in the film that could have been done better, in my opinion. Save for the fact that he was always being bullied, there wasn't enough for me to anchor myself to Steve's character. I dunno, probably because it's the treatment, because it was the 40s that the storytelling seemed to pace quite slowly for me.

But well, the easter egg after the credits got me glued to my seat.

Chris Evans looked quite the part. It was amazing how the CG made him into Steve Rogers pre-superserum injection. Kinda like Benjamin Button, if you'd recall. His acting was quite okay. I couldn't say the same for Hugo Weaving, though. I thought that he was more British than German (which he is in real life). When I close my eyes listening to the Red Skull, I hear Elrond. Even Agent Smith. Where's the German accent?

I think the person who stole the show here was Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Philips. He had quite a presence in the film, as well as some of the best and funniest lines.

Despite the storytelling setbacks, Captain America is still a film to watch, as it serves as a prelude to The Avengers. Hopefully, his character is given more substance here, especially that's he's supposed to be head-to-head with Tony Stark. Now that's an encounter I'd like to see.

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