Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A new look and a Links Page

I guess I just wanted to see the results of me toying with Blogger's Design. There were so many possible looks, but I settled for this one because it's simple and not too cluttered to look at.

And I also built a Links Page, which you can see as a tab on the top area of the blog. If you click through, you will see that I have built categories in which I have placed the links of blogs and sites that I follow via Google Reader. Though there are those blogs and sites which I have not included because it has been inactive for a pretty long time.

This blog is also open for link exchange, so if you want us to exchange links, click on the Links Page on top and follow the instructions. Choose only one category that best describes your blog. I opted on categorizing because I don't want to limit myself in just choosing blogs that fit a certain theme/category (which I do on my other blog).

For those bloggers whom I included in my Links Page, please tell me if there are any wrong details (category, description, etc.). I only got the descriptions from your site, by the way. If there are any corrections, I'll work on them as soon as possible.

Hope you like the new things you see on my blog. :)

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