Monday, January 13, 2014

Starbucks Card Latest Designs: Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day

Starbucks Philippines recently launched its newest Starbucks Card designs that showcase 2 celebrations this first quarter of 2014: the Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day.

The latest designs for the Starbucks Card
Both cards are available beginning today until February 24, 2014.

With the launch of these designs comes new card promotions:

Rewards with Free Add-ons
Guests who have newly registered their Starbucks Card at or completed collecting the 12 Beverage Stars (1 drink purchase using the Starbucks Card = 1 Beverage Star) now get up to 2 free add-ons to their redeemed Grande drink. The free add-ons do not apply to beverages purchased with the Starbucks Card.

2014 Starbucks Planner Coupon
Starbucks Cards that have been newly activated with PHP1,000 (single transaction) from today until January 31, 2014 will receive an additional PHP100 load.

Load PHP500 Promo
Every PHP500 load or reload onto a Starbucks Card made between February 1 and 24, 2014 will automatically receive 1 Beverage Star. More star rewards for those who load in increments of PHP500 (example: get 3 Beverage Stars for loading the Starbucks Card with PHP1,500). This applies to newly activated and existing cards.

Valentine Cake Treat
From February 8 to 14, 2014, guests can get a free slice of cake when they purchase any 2 of the featured beverages (Asian Dolce Latte and Chestnut Macchiato) with their Starbucks Card.

Get more rewards for every visit at Starbucks.

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