Friday, July 1, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon goes badass

For action buffs, this is a good thing.

But if you're looking for some depth of human emotion in the latest Transformer installment, be reminded that this is a Michael Bay film. You know, explosions everywhere, hard-core action -- those kinds of works. And yeah, circular panning shots and stand-up-and-look-to-the-horizon slo-mo shots.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens up another chapter of the battle between the noble Autobots and the menacing Decepticons here on Earth. In the third installment, we find the US government in a more deeper connection with these alien machines and Sam Witwicky struggling from hero to unemployed. Basically it's revealed that the NASA mission in the 1960s was to covertly investigate a moon crash landing, which happened to be a ship from Cybertron. The Autobots, wanting to get to the ship before Megatron and his cohorts do, fly to the moon and find Sentinel Prime, Optimus' teacher, in the Ark. After Sentinel is revived by Optimus' leadership matrix here on Earth, he searches for his inventions, the pillars that can open a portal that will affect the time-space continuum. Having only 5 out of hundreds, Sentinel tells the Autobots that he needs to get to the pillars before it falls into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, Sam does his own investigation. Upon learning that those involved in the covert moon crash project have been disappearing or getting killed, he, with the help of former CIA agent Simmons, discover that Sentinel Prime has been used as a bait so that the Decepticons can invade Earth.

The deception does not stop there, as we learn a bigger traitor (or staunch loyalist?) through the course of the movie. Who it is I will not say, but this I can tell you: learning who this "traitor" will lead you to the next -- and the most action-packed -- half of the movie.

Like I said a while ago, expect loads of blasts, fires, and action sequences (and of course CGI) in this movie. Also see how Optimus Prime, er, transforms into a hardened soldier by the end of the film, and how Megatron is left in the sidelines and then gets some "ego boost" from a human -- a female human at that.

One thing to watch out, too, is the some kinda joke in the first part of the film wherein 2 of the smaller Transformers were watching a scene from Star Trek.

So was it worth the watch? If you liked the first 2 Transformers movies, then this will probably one not to miss, too. If you're the type who salivates while these robots shift to vehicle mode with that eee-oo-eee-oo sound, go ahead and enter the cinemas. Just don't expect some family drama (since the Witwicky parents only had a short amount of screen time) or comedy (has even less that the last one).

Is it worthy to check out on 3D? If you're all for the popcorn and drinks, and if you're a hard-core Transformers fan, I say the Php 300 may be well worth it since the whole movie is in 3D format. But I don't think it makes much difference if you watch it in 2D.

Albeit its abrupt ending that didn't give me a sense of closure (except for Simmons and CIA agent Mearing's attraction to each other), Transformers: Dark of the Moon is one movie worth watching. Suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the show. And always keep in mind that this is a Michael Bay film. The heck what the critics say.

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