Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who is Rebecca Black?

A friend of mine posted this question on his Twitter, prompting me to search for this name on Google. Turns out Rebecca Black is a pretty young thing turned Internet "sensation" for her song entitled "Friday"

Check out the video here:

Rebecca Black's "Friday": Worst Song Ever - Watch more Funny Videos

And guess what? This song is now known as "The Worst Song Ever," as pointed out by Yahoo Music and even Time Magazine. Whoa!

Honestly though, I really can't blame Rebecca Black for getting this kind of flak from everywhere. But whoever wrote and produced this song should be hiding under his/ her bed in shame right now. Lousy lyrics, lousy melody. Poor girl can sing (or so it seems, listen to the background vocals by the end of the video) but nothing in this song and video showcased her talent.

These times, it's so easy to take the Justin Bieber route -- going viral first -- and become renowned worldwide. But wouldn't it be better to be famous than infamous?

Unfortunately for Rebecca Black, she's the latter.


  1. Try searching Jenna Rose's My Jeans, they're in the same league. Haha! I can't blame people who dissed the song though... it's too auto-tuned, more like going Ke$ha's route when it comes to music.:)

  2. this was just a youtube upload... dont know why people had to be soo mean... but! she sure is having a great day in the spotlight.. :)