Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Joining the Ensembles Show Your Style Contest

In relation to my last post...

Yes, I'm joining the Ensembles Show Your Style contest. And without Photoshop in this computer (I used an open-source program similar to Photoshop called Gimpshop), it took me a while before I created my Ensembles look ala-Polyvore. Here it is:

The Ensembles by Louis Claparols Holiday Sleeveless Overlap Empire Dress with Line Detail and the items I'm matching it with.
From the collection, the Sleeveless Overlap Empire Dress with Line Detail caught my attention. Probably because of the purple and red combination. And I have just a couple of dresses in my closet so I wanted a new dress as an addition. I'm matching this with a pair of black tights with little embellishments and a pair of purple ankle boots. For the accessories, I'm going with red and gold earrings and bracelets to match the accents on the dress. I'm bringing a purple and gold clutch bag along. And because the weather can get kinda cold in the evenings, I'm bringing a gray knitted jacket along. For this ensemble, I'll be tying my hair in a neat ponytail and would put on a bit of make-up, too.

Hope you like how I mixed and matched the items with the dress. If you do, please vote for my look over at Ensembles' Facebook page. I think you'd have to Like their Facebook page first before you can Like my entry.

Hope you can support me in this contest. Thanks a bunch!


  1. hi michelle. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    is the contest still on going? ill have to check at home again. ill let you know once done.


  2. @hahpiness: yup, contest is still ongoing, until the end of the month. join the contest, too!:)