Monday, March 1, 2010

Why I removed the Paid-to-Promote code on my other blog

I must admit, Paid-to-Promote paid me a couple of times. In about three month, I've been paid around $2 for posting their code, the one with the "i frame" on it.

But then I decided to remove the code on my other blog.

If I was indeed earning, why the move? It's because I read a comment in another blog that the above code would redirect my visitors from the US, UK, Australia, etc. to advertisement sites when they visit my blog. So it meant that they would fail to read the content especially targeted for them. On my Inspired Weddings blog, I get a lot of traffic from the US and some European countries. And the code would prohibit them from looking at the post they wanted to read.

I also noticed a significant decrease in my Adsense earnings during the time I posted the Paid-to-Promote code. I guess the redirect did that. When I removed the code, I noticed my Adsense earnings were increasing day by day.

Don't get me wrong, though. Paid-to-Promote really pays instantly twice a month. You get the earnings immediately on your Paypal. That's what I liked about it on the onset. Thing is, you risk losing traffic from the countries I just mentioned because the code redirects them to an advertiser page. So before any of my visitors complain about it, I removed them already. It's a decision that I believe will benefit me and my readers.

I'm still retaining the referral code here and on the other blog. I also haven't removed the "i frame" code on this blog. Maybe it will still help in adding up to my online earnings (hopefully).

There are always pros and cons to consider when doing online earning opportunities. You just have to see which one works for your benefit. If you want to try Paid-to-Promote, just click on this banner.
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